LCDR James T. Marcotte USCG (Ret.)

“I grew up in New England where there is a bakery or candy store on every corner. As a result I am no stranger to dentists. I am what is known as a dental coward and for years dreaded a visit to the dentist’s office. I was introduced to Dr. Rovi and his staff a few years ago. All my fears have dissipated and dental visits are something I don’t mind in the least. Why? Because great care is taken to make sure the patient is comfortable. Dr. Rovi takes his time to insure that the patient feels nothing. One gets the feeling that they are a dignitary and are getting special treatment. In fact, everyone gets the same high level of care. In addition to my comfort level is the knowledge that I am receiving state of the art dentistry and in some cases procedures that are not readily available at other practices.”