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Uses for the Dental Panorex

The Panorex can be used in a variety of ways above and beyond cavity detection. The Panorex is used for oral cancer screenings, for periodontal assessments, to assess dental roots, to pinpoint the source of dental pain, for orthodontics, for treatment planning with TMJ disorder, and more. The panoramic x-ray takes under a minute. Jewelry should be removed, as should any oral appliances before a Panorex. Be sure to tell us if you suspect you might be pregnant before a Panorex x-ray or any other dental procedure.



Radiation exposure is a concern among some who visit their dentist for a regular check-up. While the amount of radiation exposure from x-rays is very minimal, the fact that digital x-rays have a significantly lower emission rate puts many at ease. Dr. Daniel Rovirosa of Coral Springs, FL Rovi Smile Center has invested in this technology as it benefits patients in a number of ways.

Dental Technology Matters at Rovi Smile Center in Coral Springs, FL

Dr. Rovirosa and his team strive to make every visit to the Rovi Smile Center as pleasant, anxiety-free, and minimally invasive as possible. We leverage modern dentistry tools and a caring and compassionate attitude to help you have something to smile about. Talk to us about your needs. Whether you’re interested in a smile makeover or another area of dentistry, we are taking on new patients. Call our office at (954) 755-8003 today.

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