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Botox is an FDA-approved adult treatment for moderate to severe lines that appear on the face as we age. These include lines on the forehead, crow’s feet near the eyes, and frown lines around the mouth.

Botox and Juvederm Reduce the Signs of Aging Without Surgery

.Juvederm reintroduces needed plumpness to parts of the face that have lost volume due to aging. Juvederm can correct issues with the cheeks, with areas near the nose and mouth, and even with the lips.

How Botox and Juvederm Work

Botox treatments are administered with a tiny injection. A small amount of Botox is introduced to the muscles responsible for creating the unwanted lines on the face. The muscles then relax. Because there’s less activity of the muscles that cause the problem, there’s a reduced appearance of the signs of aging such as frown lines.

Single treatment

The treatment takes only a few minutes.

woman face wrinkles before and after
Female face, present before and after lips filler injections. Lip augmentation. Thin ugly lips before injections procedure and beautiful perfect lips after the procedure augmentation. (Female face, present before and after lips filler injections. Lip

Painless procedure

Juvederm is also administered by injection.

Hassle free

They only require a simple office visit.

face of an elderly woman wrinkles face before and after procedures
Aging. Mature woman-young woman.Face with skin problem

Super fast

Amazingly, you’ll see results immediately.

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